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1 07/01/2021
OAPEC’s Role Activation Plan


During their 105th Meeting (held via videoconferencing on 13 December 2020), OAPEC Ministerial Council endorsed a plan to activate OAPEC Secretariat General’s role and develop its activities. This step has materialised following the Secretariat General’s marathon preparations and hard work, in close collaboration with the Executive Bureau assigned by the Ministerial Council to work out an activation plan.  

OAPEC Secretariat General’s activation plan marks the beginning of a new era in OAPEC’s history based on identifying current challenges and forecasting future prospects in the energy industry, particularly petroleum.   The plan comes in response to OAPEC member countries’ will to support and encourage the organisation’s development initiatives and strategies within the framework of its prestigious status as a joint Arab action organisation specialised in petroleum with a regional and international nature in terms of its activities.

The Secretariat General’s vision on developing OAPEC activities and activating its role stems from the organisation’s Establishment Agreement, as well as, delivering its goals on boosting cooperation among its member countries in the various aspects of the industry. For this purpose, the activation plan has been drawn on the following basic principles: identifying the organisation’s points of strength to optimise benefits; scrutinising the points of weakness that hinder delivering its goals; reviewing past experiences for illumination and making use of the lessons learnt in order to build up on the achievements. This is in addition to providing support to our human resources and staff by equipping them with performance improvement and productivity efficiency tools; while boosting our press activities and media campaigns to shed the light on OAPEC’s role and goals. A review of expenditure channels will also be conducted to divert funding towards activities that serve the organisation’s goals.

With the advent of its 53rd anniversary celebrations on 9 January 2021 and progressing in its activation plan, OAPEC Secretariat General is looking forward to delivering its plan to prove its determination and ability to reincarnate in a modern way to keep in pace with the modern age requirements. The organisation is determined to prove its ability to take decisions on quality changes in its work scope based on clear insight and deep scientific analysis of OAPEC’s role in the petroleum industry both on Arab and international levels.