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The General Secretariat of OAPEC is pleased to submit its Annual Statistical

Report for 2017. This year’s report once again looks to ensure spreading of

information and statistical energy data to all researchers, experts and those interested

in the field of energy and oil industry.

The Report comprises data of member countries, in addition to aggregate data of

OPEC members and the world for the period 2012-2016.

The General Secretariat periodically updates its statistical data obtained from

official sources, through the Energy Data Collection Form of member countries, and

data published by Arab national institutions as well as secondary sources.

The report covers nine main parts. Part One provides general indicators of

OAPEC member countries. Part Two reviews data of reserves, production and new

discoveries. Proven crude oil reserves of Arab countries were estimated at 716

billion barrels, constituting a share of 56% of world proven reserves, and natural

gas reserves amounted to 54.1 trillion cubic meters in 2016, representing 27.6% of

world reserves.

Arab countries produced nearly 28.9 million b/d of crude oil and natural gas

liquids in 2016, out of which 96% from OAPEC member countries. At crude oil

production level alone, Arab countries produced 24.6 million b/d, an increase of

2.9%, compared to 2015. Arab countries’ crude oil production accounts for about

31.2% of global production. On the other hand, Arab marketed natural gas production

amounted to 589.5 billion cubic meters in 2016, out of which approximately 545.6

billion cubic meters were produced by OAPECmembers, representing 92.6% ofArab

countries’ production, which accounted for nearly 16% of world total production.

With respect to exploration activity in 2016, OAPEC members accomplished 84

new discoveries, including 50 oil discoveries, and 34 natural gas discoveries, while

other Arab countries achieved 3 natural gas discoveries.