For Scientific Research For the Year 2020

Pursuant to its policy of encouraging scientific research by awarding two prizes on a biennial basis (First Prize KD 7000, Second Prize KD 5000, equivalent to USD $23000 and USD $16000), upon the resolution number 1/151 of OAPEC Executive Bureau at its meeting dated 1/10/2018. The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) is pleased to announce that the research field selected for the “OAPEC Award for Scientific Research for the Year 2020” is:

Environmental Research Related to Petroleum & Energy Industry

Research Field:

Environment is an important aspect of the world’s energy system. Energy is closely linked with environmental issues, particularly after the conclusion of the UN agreement on climate change by the international community. The petroleum and energy industry is currently facing many challenges, most significantly the increasing global interest in environmental perspectives and the tightening of environmental legislations and their impacts on the energy industry in general, and petroleum industry in particular. Therefore, research work in this field varies to cover all aspects of the petroleum industry from exploration, production, transportation, storage, to refining, distribution and marketing. This is along with considering the impact of new energy and renewables on the environment.
The research work eligible for this award may address one or more of the environmental perspectives of the petroleum and energy industry, including, but not limited to:
1-    Environmental Impacts and the Role of Modern Technologies in:
       - Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas
       - Treatment of Liquid and Solid Waste Resulting from Downstream Industries
2-   Environmental Impact Assessment of  the Petroleum and Energy Facilities and the Processing Methods.  
3-   Economic Implications of Environmental Legislations on the Petroleum and Energy Industry
4-   New Environmental Regulations and their Impacts on the Operation Performance of Production Units, e.g.  Cleaner Fuel Production.
5-   New Energy and Renewables Technologies and their Potential Implications for the Status of Oil in the Global Energy Mix.
6-  Energy Policies Trends in the Developed Countries and the Impacts of Carbon Tax and its markets following the Conclusion of Paris Climate Change Agreement During COP21 in Paris in 2015.

Conditions for Submitting the Research
1- The research may be submitted by one or more author(s). Institutions and organizations are excluded.

2- The research submitted must be new and original, and has not been granted an award previously.

3- The author(s) shall agree in advance to give OAPEC the right to print and publish the research in case he/she/they win one of the prizes. A signed statement to this effect must be submitted with the research (sample provided below). The author(s) will maintain all other rights, including patent rights (if applicable). OAPEC shall not exercise its right to publish the winning research for a period of six months commencing with the date of advising the winning author (s) with the decision of the Award Committee, must be pronided.

4- A statement by the author(s), attesting that the research is original, must be provided. Segments fully or partially taken from other sources should be properly cited. A detailed list of all references used must also be attached.

5- Four hard copies and a digital copy of the research (either in Arabic or English) should be submitted, along with the Curriculum Vitae of each researcher.

6- The deadline for submitting the research is 31st December, 2020. No submission will be accepted after that date.

7- Prizes are awarded to individuals of all nationalities advised of the Award Committee’s decision.

8 - The award will not be presented twice consecutively to the same recipient.

9 - Any research that does not fulfill the above conditions shall be disregarded.

Researchers will be notified by OAPEC Secretariat of the Award Committee’s decision. The winners will be officially announced at the end of the OAPEC’s Ministerial Council in 2021.
For further information you may contact the OAPEC General Secretariat at:  
Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC)
Secretariat of the Award Organizing Committee
P.O.Box 20501 Safat 13066 Kuwait
Tel.:  (+965) 24959763 - Fax:  (+965) 24959755
E-mail:oapecaward2020@oapecorg.org - Website: www.oapecorg.org