The objective of the organization

The principal objective of the Organization is the cooperation of the members in various forms of economic activity in the petroleum industry, the realization of the closest ties among them in this field, the determination of ways and means of safeguarding the legitimate interests of its members in the industry, individually and collectively, the unification of efforts to ensure the flow of petroleum to its consumption markets on equitable and reasonable terms, and the creation of suitable climate for the capital and expertise invested in the petroleum industry in the member countries.

In pursuit of the said objectives, the Organization shall in particular:

  • Take adequate measures for the coordination of the petroleum economic policies of its members.
  • Take adequate measures for the harmonization of the legal systems in force in the member countries to the extent necessary to enable the Organization to carry out its activity.
  • Assist members to exchange information and expertise and provide training and employment opportunities for citizens of member countries where such possibilities exist.
  • Promote cooperation among members in working out solutions to problems facing them in the petroleum industry.
  • Utilize the member resources and common potentialities in establishing joint projects in various phases of petroleum industry such as may be undertaken by all the members of those of them that my be interested in such projects.