OAPEC Library

OAPEC Library was established in 1974 with the aim of assuring the ease of access to essential resources of information for researchers and specialists in the General Secretariat and States Members of the Organization.

Consequently the library focuses mainly on the subjects related to energy, particularly oil, gas and petrochemical, in addition to economics, development, and environment. The library's collections have grown in 2011to reach about 30,000 books, 212 Arabic periodicals and 250 foreign periodicals. In addition, it maintains scientific papers specifically presented at specific conferences. In conclusion, the library is equipped with the most relevant energy information resources suited to the prestigious position of member states in OAPEC in petroleum and natural gas.

  • To Organize resources and information for ease access.
  • To provide comprehensive energy data on petroleum, natural gas and industry status.
  • To provide media information for the Secretariat interest and its Member States.
  • To sustain electronic references as a nucleus for future electronic library.
  • To offering bibliographic and reference services.
  • To provide statistics on energy as well as environmental impacts and sustainable development.
  • To provide analysis of petroleum economics, policies and legal affairs