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91st OAPEC Council of Ministers Meeting

Doha 21/12/2013

OAPEC Council of Ministers held its 91st meeting, chaired by His Excellency Engineer Ali Bin Ebrahim Al-Nuaimi, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the current session of the Council, in Doha, State of Qatar, on 21 December 2013.

His Excellency the Chairman opened the meeting, welcoming Their Excellencies the Ministers and heads of delegations. His Excellency expressed hope for successful deliberations of the items on the agenda, and emphasizing that OAPEC’s main objective is to achieve cooperation between the member countries in the various aspects of economic, technical and human activities in petroleum industry. His Excellency congratulated the leadership, government and people of the sisterly State of Qatar on the occasion of the National Day, wishing them constant prosperity.

His Excellency welcomed Their Excellencies the Ministers, participating, for the first time, in the Ministerial Meeting. These are: His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Minister of Finance – Minister Supervising Oil and Gas Affairs, and His Excellency Mr. Mostafa Jassim Al-Shamali, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Oil in the State of Kuwait, His Excellency Mr. Suhail Bin Mohammad Faraj Fares Al-Mazrouei, Minister of Energy in UAE wishing them all success in their new tasks.

His Excellency indicated that OAPEC member countries continued to play a positive, significant role towards safeguarding the stability of petroleum market and prices at suitable prices for producing and consuming countries, and the growth of global economy, particularly the emerging and developing economie

His Excellency mentioned that today’s OAPEC meeting comes after two weeks of OPEC meetings, wherein the Organization’s production ceiling was upheld, as the petroleum market is in a stable position, and the prices are suitable for all.

Following, His Excellency Mr. Abbas Ali Al-Naqi, OAPEC Secretary General, welcomed Their Excellencies the Ministers and heads of delegations participating in OAPEC Council of Ministers Meeting, wishing them successful deliberations and pleasant stay in the State of Qatar. His Excellency expressed aspiration that they will continue supporting the activity of the Organization. His Excellency commended the great facilities provided by the State of Qatar to OAPEC’s meeting in its territories, which substantially contributed to the success of the meetings, wishing the State of Qatar all progress and prosperity.

Following the adoption by the Council of the draft agenda, covering several topics relevant to OAPEC’s activities and joint Arab action in the area of energy, the Council adopted the following resolutions:

  • Honoring the winners of OAPEC Scientific Award 2012 for their researches addressing the topic of “Technological Advancement and Utilization of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources in the Arab Countries”, where the second award of KD 5,000 was granted equally to both papers presented by:
    Mr. Ahmad Ali Abdul Majeed, and Mr. Mohammad Khalid Khalifa, from the Arab Republic of Egypt.
    Mr. Ahmad Mahmoud Shehata, from the Arab Republic of Egypt.
    Meanwhile, the first award of KD 7,000 was concealed.
  • The draft OAPEC budget for 2014 was approved.
  • Tareq Al-Osaimi and Partners were appointed at OAPEC Auditors for 2014.
  • Reviewing the reports exhibiting the General Secretariat’s activities for 2013, representing preparation of the various studies relating to oil, gas and energy industry technologies, organization of seminars and meetings, monitoring the matters relating to environmental affairs and climate change, as well as developing the Data Bank.
  • The Council took note of the preparations for the 10th Arab Energy Conference to be held in Tripoli - Libya during the period 27-29 October 2014. It has been resolved to hold the conference in Abu Dhabi – UAE during the same period. The 11th Arab Energy Conference is to be held in the State of Libya.
  • The Council reviewed the OAPEC Sponsored Ventures Activity Report, and took note of the outcome of the 42nd Coordinating Meeting of the Sponsored Ventures Officials, which was held in Cairo on 7 October 2013.
  • The Council resolved to extend the period where the Republic of Iraq is assigned to supervise the Arab Oil Training Institute, for one year, with effect from 1 January 2014.
  • The Council approved the renewal of the service of His Excellency Mr. Abbas Ali Al-Naqi, OAPEC Secretary General, for a three-year term, with effect from 1 March 2014.
  • His Excellency the Chairman of the Ministerial Council, on behalf of Their Excellencies The Ministers and heads of delegations, sent a cable to His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, Amir of the State of Qatar, expressing profound thanks and appreciation for the hospitality towards the success of the conference.
  • It was agreed to hold the next meeting in Abu Dhabi UAE on 21 December 2014.

Doha: 18 Safar 1435H, corresponding to: 21 December 2013AD