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Page Background

The MoU goals are realistic and doable. They stem mainly from

the will of both sides to face media challenges in the Arab petroleum

industry, in addition to realising the importance of joint action to

convey the required message by supporting unified efforts.

An important goal, among others, is developing the skills of

those working in the Arab petroleum media through organising

workshops, seminars, and conferences, as well as, exchanging visits

and expertise, allocating excellence awards and launching joint

media campaigns and creating networks for easier communication

between expertise in the member countries. This is in addition

to improving libraries and database exchange and promoting the

activities of both sides.

The close bilateral ties between OAPEC and the GCC Council

represent a unique pattern of constructive cooperation between the

Arab joint action organisations. The story behind it goes back to when

the GCC Council was first launched in 1981. These long years witnessed

organising various joint seminars, workshops, exchanged visits, and

continued coordination on energy, environment, and climate change

issues in collaboration with other concerned organisations.

Both organisations’ member countries have many shared

values and similarities including history, future prospects, customs

and traditions, significant geographic loca

as well as, a number of similarities in economic legislations and

administrative systems. This goes hand in hand with essential

reliance on oil and gas industry as a main economic pillar and source

of national income.

Having witnessed the signing of the petroleummedia MoU, OAPEC

Secretariat General would extend sincere thanks to HE Al Zayyani for

his visit to our headquarters and hopes to create the atmosphere for

executing the clauses of this MoU within the framework of developing

the Arab petroleum industry.